About Our Deer Hunting



Monster Whitetail Outfitters is a high quality, low pressure, free range outfitter that offers world-class hunting trips for the persons who are in search for a once in a lifetime experience! 
We have roughly 5,400 acres in Putnam county and Sullivan county, Missouri and roughly 3,800 acres in Zone 5 Iowa. This brings us to approximately 9,200 acres total!


We have a five star tree stand company in Mellenium tree stands that offer our clients with MESH SEATING and optional shooting rests in every stand to ensure the best deer hunting experience possible! 

Each stand is equipped with a lifeline, bow hook and a bow rope.

 We do have several stands on our properties to ensure that we can get close to a trophy whitetail no matter direction of the wind. 

 Hang ons, ladder stands and also enclosed​ 360 HUNTING BLINDS are available  to accommodate every hunter's needs! 


Another great relationship that we have developed, is with our guides. We don't use many guides due to how low pressured we are. However, myself and my other two guides are required to know every property inside and out and is accomplished by scouting, summer field work, such as hanging stands, checking trail cameras, and topography maps.  We will commute you to and from the stand locations and will keep you updated on mature buck movements and tactics in order to be successful during your hunt. Monster Whitetail Outfitters also will track, skin and quarter the whitetail for our guests!  Once you have tagged out on your mature trophy, we also can refer you over to our taxidermist which then will make your experience come to life once again so that you can truly cherish this experience for a lifetime.


Monster Whitetail Outfitters knows the importance of around the clock scouting!  In order to ensure that we are doing everything we can to have a successful hunt!  We run our trail cameras throughout the season to gain most recent information and to be able to choose the correct stands to hunt.  This enables us to know which deer is moving in daylight hours and also to see what food sources they're on throughout the transitional periods.

Trail cameras are also a great way to manage our whitetails and to help us judge the age and score of the animal before we even set foot into the timber!


We offer free range hunting in Putnam county Missouri which is over the counter for licenses.

$225 for deer and during archery you also get a doe tag and a Turkey tag!

If you decide to harvest a Turkey during your archery deer hunt, it is only $100 once you harvest your turkey. 

You may also tag does at no additional costs while hunting Monster Whitetail Outfitters. 


Deer hunting in Iowa is a draw and we are located in Zone 5. The application process is between the 1st Saturday of May and the 1st Sunday of June.

You will receive the results 4th of July weekend. 

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